Look no further to find inspiration for the best look for your home. Browse our gallery of beautiful Christmas Mantels and find the one just right for you holiday home!

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Simple & Refined

To get this look, drape garland down the length of the mantelpiece.

Next, nestle large hurricanes in the garland, one on each end of the mantel for symmetry. Finally, hang stockings above the hearth. Simply space them evenly along the mantel. Conceal hooks under garland, and add metal letters (ours are paperweights) for a personal touch.


Sophisticated & Natural

To get this look, start with a feathery cedar garland, which adds more feminine appeal. Nestle large frosted pinecones into garland and then wire smaller cones to branches for an out-of-the-woods look. Next, add height and freshness with white and green flowers, such as paper whites and amaryllis, in rustic terracotta and zinc containers.  Accenting with light green reindeer moss along the mantel is also a nice touch. Finally, add color with fruits such as oranges and limes and fragrance with bundles of cinnamon sticks and scented votive candles.


Personal & Colorful

To get this look, start with your favorite evergreen garland, such as long-lasting white pine. Next, anchor the ends of the mantel with clusters of red carnations in julep cups. Nestle the cups in the garland.

Finally, display holiday cards you have received or your family’s cards from over the years.


Vintage & Whimsical

To get this look, begin with faux snow instead of heavy garland. Center mason jars, either colored like ours or clear ones, in the front and fill with various glass ornaments. Next, display antique decorations such as vintage reindeer, snowmen, and miniature wire bottlebrush trees. Scatter old glass ornaments in shades of blue and silver and in all shapes and sizes. Place sparkling snowflakes among the snow.

Complete the look by draping a holiday greeting. This “Merry Christmas” garland is vintage, but it’s easy to create your own from cardboard letters that are easy to decorate with silver glitter. There’s no need to ditch your normal mantel display for the holidays. Instead incorporate standards such as sconces, mirrors, and decorative plates.


Natural & Cheerful

To get the look, start with a variety of greenery and intersperse green and white flowers. Add viburnum berries and pomegranates throughout the greenery to add color and texture. Use extra materials from the mantel to make a small coordinating arrangement for your cocktail table.


Lush & Sophisticated

To get this look, start with a store-bought garland. Space five pieces of water-soaked florist foam, secured inside cages, along the mantel. (Cover your mantel in plastic to protect it.) Cover the foam with pieces of store-bought garland.

Next, insert clipped magnolia, holly, pine, and cedar into the foam. Make loops from aspidistra leaves by poking the stems through the tips of the leaves. Insert the stems into the foam. Complete the look by layering in milo, millet, and rose hips. On the sides of the garland, wire in items that don’t require water. Fill in holes with more magnolias. Keep it looking fresh by misting with a preservative called Flora life Crowning Glory Solution.


Simple Christmas Mantel

A simple wreath paired with homemade burlap Christmas stockings dresses this holiday mantel in chic, no-fuss style.